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Essential Oil (Angustifolia-French)

Lavender essential oil has many uses including; to assist sleep, reduce tension, relieve headaches, on insect bites, burns and as an antiseptic on cuts etc.

15ml | 50ml | 1lt

Essential Oil (Grosso-Australian)

A slightly more camphorous oil than the Angustifolia.
Can be used the same way as the Angustifolia.

15ml | 50ml | 1lt

Essential Oil (Angustifolia Vera-Australia)

Essential Oil (Angustifolia Vera-Australia)

A premium variety of Lavender with a sweet scent. Use for relaxation and to relieve stress and tension. Rarely available as an essential oil.
Limited supply of stock.


Fragrance Oil (synthetic)

Contains a small amount of lavender and can be used on pot pourri or in cleaning products.

15ml | 50ml

Pulse Point Oil

Great to keep in your bag as a perfume, for headaches or relaxation.

Soyabean & Olive Oils, Essential Oils, mainly Lavender


Cologne / After shave

May be used by men as an aftershave or by women as a light perfume.



A quality perfume which contains 20% essential oils. The French equivalent would be at least four times the price.