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Top quality dried lavender with excellent colour and scent. 100 + stems per bunch

40-55cm long

Discount for 4 or more

Bunch in organza bag

Great to hang in cupboards.

Approximately 22cm long

Stripped Lavender (intermedias)

Top quality Australian lavender.
We use this lavender in all our sewn products. Customers also purchase this to make their own items. The scent will last for many years by crushing occasionally.

50gm | 100gm | 200gm | 500gm | 1kg | 2kg |3kg
Discount available for 3kg or more
1 cup is about 24gm.

We have been growing lavender since 1990 and are experts in producing the best quality dried lavender available.
We also contract harvest for other farms so produce large quantites and specialise in bulk supply.
Most of the lavender sold on eBay however, is imported lavender usually from Eastern European countries. It has to be treated with insecticide to be brought into the country. It retains an unpleasant chemical scent which overpowers the lavender. It tends to be dusty and poorer quality.
Support Australian produce!

25% discount on organza bags when purchasing this lavender.

Stripped Lavender (Angustifolia-Culinary)

A sweeter lavender which may be used for cooking. Use sparingly as the flavour is strong.

Pick from your choice of recipes:
Scones, Shortbread, Biscuits or Muffins.

25gm + your choice of recipe.